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With 3 Governors Award for Historic Preservation for it's role in the historical preservation of Mighican landmarks, Mihm Enterprises has a rich history in the restoration of light houses

Mihm enterprises is a successful, recognized building contractor in the restoration of our Light Stations and a proud member of the Michigan Historic Preservation Network.

Charlevoix Lighthouse

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Project: Charlevoix Lighthouse - phase 1, 2, & 3

Phase 1: Historical Exterior Restoration, Window replacement and restoration or all windows, improved ventilation, and lantern flashing work.  Completed 2008

Phase 2: Exterior painting.  Completed 2009

Phase 3: Interior painting and brass vents.   completed 2013

South Haven Lighthouse Preservation

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Project: South Haven Lighthouse Preservation – South Haven, MI

Type: Entire Structure - Rust removal and application of rust converter, inhibiting primer  and moisture sealants to joints and perimeter ring structure.

Date Completed: October 2016

Manistee Lighthouse

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Project: Manistee Light Tower Rehab – Lake Michigan

At the Manistee Light Tower, Mihm Enterprises completed the exterior historical restoration, removed lead paint, installed marine coatings, replaced lantern glass, deteriorated metal and concrete steps.

Point Betsie Lighthouse

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2010 Governors Award for Historic Preservation

Project: Point Betsie Lighthouse and Fog Signal Building – Frankfort, MI          

Type: Historical Exterior & Interior Restoration. Flat seam copper roofing at porch and connector roof, wood shingle installation on roof and walls, cornice/trim restoration, masonry restoration, painting, lead coated copper gutters & downspout installation,  chimney rebuild, wood window restoration and replacement. Complete interior restoration.

South Channel Rear Light

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2009 Governor’s Award for Historical Preservation

Project: South Channel Rear Light Restoration – Lake St. Clair, MI

Type: Historical Interior and Exterior Restoration. Complete lantern room restoration, painting, historical wood window restoration, masonry and stone restoration and masonry cleaning.

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse

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Established in 1889 and in service for 65 years, the Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse is a treasure who's restoration Mihm Enterprises has been proud be part of. Restoration of this structure started in 1999 with our responsibility including roofing and wood window restoration.

DeTour Reef Lighthouse

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2005 Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation

Project:  Detour Lighthouse Restoration – Lake Huron, MI

Type: Historical Exterior & Interior Restoration of Lighthouse
Strip, sandblast and paint entire exterior. Restoration of interior, restoration of windows, restoration of metal roof, copper downspouts, and restoration of concrete walls.  Complete plaster, painting, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical restoration.