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Historical Restoration

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Mihm has been establishing a name for ourselves in the restoration industry for many years now. We have completed many restoration projects including Lighthouses, Courthouses, Post office, Libraries and Schools.  We continue to spend a lot of our time & efforts on these projects in order to safeguard these deserving structures.

Window and Door Restoration

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We've been trusted with everything from private homes, resorts, historical buildings and lighthouses to government buildings. With our experience restoring wood and metal doors you can count on us with your window or door restoration.

The original windows are an important part of the character of your historic building. They define the period and the quality of your structure. Window restoration not only helps bring your building back to its original splendor, it can be less expensive than the cost of replacement with replica windows.  

Specialty Roofing

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Mihm Enterprises roofing division has been installing roofs for over 20 years. The types of roofs we install include asphalt shingles, slate, copper shingles, copper flat panel, metal standing seam and cedar shingles.

Copper and Metal Fabrication

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We provide an extensive array of copper and metal fabrication services and products. Anything from high quality, hand soldered copper replica pieces using traditional irons to standing seam metal roofing, Mihm Enterprises has trained staff and experience to meet your every need.

Masonry and Terra Cotta

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Mihm Enterprises is experienced in historical masonry and terra cotta restoration. We repair as well as replace detailed and elaborate architectural brick, natural stone, and terra cotta masonry.

Crane Service

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Our crane is a 26 ton unit with 165’ reach capability and remote operation. It can be used for many different applications. Also available is a 65’ man lift and a 36’ pettibone all of which are very competitively priced.